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Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) Program

Become a Certified ESG Analyst and unlock boundless opportunities in sustainable investing. TYMBA’s CESGA program, in collaboration with EFFAS & SFRH, equips professionals like you with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate the dynamic landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis.

What Is

Certified ESG Analyst?

Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) is a programme by EFFAS, brought to you by TYMBA for Malaysians that helps professionals to develop better understanding of the needs of capital markets in terms of ESG information and provide professionals with the tools to embrace holistically ESG integration.
At completion of the programme, students will be awarded EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst Holder and have the rights to use the CESGA designation behind their name.



Systematization of different ESG investment approaches and strategies

Embedding ESG across the whole in the investment process chain

Systematically assess different ESG reporting standards

ESG impacts on risk and return from various angles

Integration of ESG factors in valuation models

The market drivers for further ESG integration

Responsible investing across asset classes

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The CESGA is a comprehensive programme structure in 9 Modules plus an additional complementarty Module 10.

Module 1 to 8

20 Multiple Choice Questions (50%)

Module 9

Practical Case Study (50%)

Students must gain more than 50% of the 120 examination points and in each part have more than 30% of the answers correct.

Alright, So

For Whom is The Programme?

Financial Analyst


Portfolio Managers


Investment Professionals

Asset Owners

Corporate Sustainability Officers

Asset Managers

The C-suites

Corporate Consultants

Investors Relation

Financial Planners

What Will

TYMBA Provide

You will be receiving end-to-end support to complete the CESGA programme with TYMBA which includes the following:

Bi-weekly after working hours class

Lectures, tutorials & coaching

Tutor & peers support group


Course slides

Source / readings



CESGA is developed by specialists from different European countries

The content is covered by experienced practitioners and academics

Strong academic foundation and tailor-made for practitioners to incorporate ESG into their work

CESGA provides comprehensive overview for beginners and advanced ESG users

There are many practical examples including a large case study demonstrating a due diligence process

The programme is regularly updated to remain relevant

Recognised certification

By successfully completing the whole Programme & passing the exam you receive the Certified ESG Analyst Diploma granted by EFFAS, which is highly valued by employers

The Industry Is Changing

Are You Prepared?

Drive Sustainable Investment Success with CESGA Certification!

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